Choosing hardwood for your last flooring installation

When you choose hardwood for your flooring, you may never have to go floor shopping again. These floors can easily last 100 years or more, especially with proper installation and careful maintenance. It's a hard-wearing material you'll be glad to have invested in and it gives you home the elegant, classic look you've always wanted.

There are a lot more benefits to this flooring as you take more time to consider them. The truth is, this may be the floor covering that fits all your current requirements.

No one cares more for your hardwood flooring

At Prescott Flooring Brokers, we care as much about your new flooring as you do, and we'll work hard from the moment you step into our hardwood store. We'll focus on you, your requirements, and your preferences, and we're happy to answer all your questions.

From our showroom in Prescott, AZ, we are happy to serve the communities of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Chino Valley, and Sedona, AZ. We'd be thrilled at the opportunity to help you find your new flooring too, so feel free to stop in and see us.

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Your perfect hardwood flooring

There’s much more to choosing a hardwood flooring than you might think. After making the initial decision for wood floors, you then have to pick your species of choice. Some woods, such as oak, are much harder than others and make great material for busy homes with lots of traffic.

Other spaces, such as cupboards, pantries, and closets can utilize softer woods such as pine. These woods are not as appropriate for those busy areas, as they are easier to dent and scratch. If you're going to use these where foot traffic is possible, be sure to utilize area rugs and runners.

You have other options as well that can help to personalize your floors just the way you want them. The perfect stain color, for instance, along with a perfect oil-based or hard wax sealant. Then create the final result with the perfect finish, such as vintage, distressed, or wire-brushed.

Make sure you take advantage of professional installation when choosing your hardwood floors. This alleviates any worry and assures a properly installed floor that looks great and will function just the way it’s supposed to.

Remember that solid wood can never be installed below ground and must always be acclimated before installation.