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Rigid Core Waterproof Hybrid laminate floors carefree easy to install.

This new introduction is a brand new category of floor coverings that will address concerns about wet areas such as kitchens and full bathrooms with showers where water spillage and standing water is inevitable.

This category was invented  to provide the market with a carefree product that is pet friendly and water resistant for all wet areas.

Visit us at Prescott Flooring Brokers and we will provide you with all the pertinent details about Waterproof hybrid laminate vinyl floors.

We have the largest selection in of this category in the Quad city area with 243 different samples to choose.

Majority of the samples are large instead just small 10” strap samples.

Pardigm Longboard in Pedra

Pardigm Longboard


Hybred Longboard Pedra

Hybred Longboard