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The classic beauty of hardwood

No flooring is more sophisticated and elegant than hardwood flooring. From beautiful, rich cherry to exotic Brazilian Walnut, there is truly something for everyone who desires new flooring.

Hardwood is one of the most durable types of flooring, and it adds value to your home. It looks great in any room. Typically is used in any room except full baths and laundry rooms.

You deserve the best

When it comes to your new hardwood flooring, you deserve the very best. Not only do you deserve top-quality flooring that will retain its finish and beauty for years, you also deserve personalized attention to make sure your flooring needs are completely fulfilled.

You will receive the one-on-one attention you need, from planning and measuring to Hardwoodcomplete installation, when you come to us.

Let our reliable team install hardwoods for you from the best names in the business.
Hardwood Maple WoodMaple Hardwood Flooring is a naturally light-colored wood that can range from white to reddish brown in color with a golden hue.

The lighter tone of the wood allows stains to appear vibrant and bold. Maple Flooring has a fine, subtle grain pattern, meaning that the contrast between light and dark areas is less distinct and the grains are usually straighter.

Maple Hardwood is naturally light and cream in color with delicate bands of brown tones that complete the look. Its tight, uniform grain gives this Wood Floor type a consistent appearance making it a popular choice for contemporary designs.

Hardwood Oak FloorOak Hardwood Flooring is a traditional Flooring choice that is sturdy, beautiful and has a timeless look.

Oak Flooring has a strong, obvious grain pattern that can be enhanced by the stain – lighter color stains allow the grain to be more pronounced, while darker stains provide less contrast. Oak is very hard-wearing.

Add timeless beauty and durability to your home with Oak Flooring.

Oak Flooring displays a variety of recognizable natural grain patterns, giving each plank a one of a kind look. Naturally neutral in color, Oak can be stained from light to dark, making it extremely versatile. If you think that this time-honored choice may be right for your home, stop in to see us today.

How your Oak Flooring will look is determined by many factors. When you meet with your Sales Representative, be sure to talk about the following options for Oak Flooring that could influence the overall look:oak plank width

  • Plank Width: There are many different widths to choose from, each lending itself to a distinct look. We offer boards ranging from 2 ¼” to11” in width. Smaller width planks have a more traditional look, while the wide plank Flooring looks more distinctive.


  • Oak Hand Scraped
    Hand Scraped
    : Before modern sanding methods were developed, floor planks were scraped by hand to make the surface even. Today, hand scraping is done in a factory in order to make the Flooring planks look older than they are, giving a finished look that is nostalgic of historic craftsmanship.


  • oak smooth finishSmooth Finish: Smooth finishes are available in many gloss levels and have a traditional appearance that is cleaner in look and style.


  • oak beveled & square edges
    Beveled & Square Edges
    . Oak Flooring planks either have beveled or square edges. With beveled edges, the spaces between the sides of the Flooring planks form a “V” shape. The depth of the “V” shape can range from deep to shallow. Square edge Flooring planks are cut so all sides match evenly. The result is a flat surface.


  • oak brushedAnother finish type is Brushed.
    The wood is wire brushed to remove some of the softer grain and leaving the harder grain. Some wood flooring styles floor are lightly brushed some are heavy brushed.

Our collection of Oak Hardwood Flooring includes both Solid Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood constructions.

  • Engineered HardwoodEngineered Hardwood: Multiple layers of wood are pressed and bonded together to create Engineered Oak Flooring. This Flooring features a top finish layer, Oak wood layer, core layer and base layer. The real Oak layer provides the same look as Solid Oak Flooring. The core consists of crisscrossing layers of wood or a fiber that provide better dimensional stability. The base layer features a special locking system that creates joint integrity and allows for staple, glue down or floating installation.
  • Solid hardwoodSolid Hardwood: As the name indicates, this type of Flooring is a solid piece of Oak wood from top to bottom, most commonly 3/4” thick.
    We have styles of wood with Oiled finishes in addition to Urethane from matt level gloss to high and everything in between.