Pattern CarpetA combination of cut fibers and loops create patterns and textures that are characteristic of Patterned Carpet offered by Prescott Flooring Brokers.

Also known as Cut & Loop or Sculptured Carpeting, the color may be solid with tone-on-tone visual interest created from high and low profiles of fibers. Style meets function in Pattern Carpet, making it a popular choice for formal and informal areas alike.

Pattern Carpets are also known as Cut or Loop Carpet.

Many Pattern Carpets feature a combination of looped and cut fibers to create patterns and textures. The construction of the Carpet’s surface creates multi-level sculptured designs.

Selectively cutting off some loops creates a distinct appearance and texture different from other styles of carpet. Patterns can range from structured grids, lattices, abstract lines and geometric shapes.

Each type of Carpet fiber possesses distinct characteristics. Fibers can influence price, color and performance.