Berber CarpetBerber Carpet features low-profile, loop pile construction that can have flecks of color throughout the fibers.

We’ll help you find the right Berber Carpet color and type based on your practical considerations, price and budget– ask your Sales Representative about some of these features and learn more about Berber Carpet considerations.

Berber Carpet Construction:

Typically, Berber Carpet features a subtle, speckled look that creates visual interest with lighter and darker flecks of color, however, there are Berber styles offered in a solid color.

Berber Carpet is distinguished by fibers shaped into thicker loops to form the Carpet’s surface.

Berbers can have a combination of smaller and larger loops that feel comfortable, yet firm underfoot. This gives Berber a distinct look and less consistent pattern than other Carpets.

The overall effect is a casual, comfortable look and feel. Each type of Carpet fiber possesses distinct characteristics. Fibers can influence price, color and performance.

Berber Carpet Fibers & Styles:

We offer five distinct Berber Carpet fiber options for your home decorating convenience. Each fiber works wonderfully with Berber Carpet’s unique characteristics. These five fiber options are:<






Carpet Padding:

We offer a range of durable Carpet padding options for your home. The dense pile of a Berber Carpet can give it natural insulating and sound-muffling properties.

Our rebond padding can make Berber Carpet feel soft and inviting, and it can also soften the impact of foot traffic on Berber Carpet’s tight-looped construction.

Your Sales Representative can recommend the ideal padding for your Berber Carpet style, location and budget.

Carpet Care & Maintenance:

The dense, low loops of a Berber Carpet can trap soil. Vacuum frequently to keep dust and soil from making its way into the Carpet.

Vacuum your Berber Carpet to pick up bits of dirt and debris.

Professionally clean your Carpet at least once every year.

Affix coasters to furniture legs to help prevent pile crushing.

Use floor mats to keep dirt from building up near the entrances to rooms that feature Berber Carpet.

If your Berber Carpet has sprouts or snags, trim them as close as possible to the level of the surrounding Carpet.

The casual style of Berber Carpeting compliments almost any type of décor, from contemporary to country.